Who we are

Founded in 2000, Bhavishya is today a leading national level development organization. Over the years it has evolved from being a community worker focused organization to an organization working for community development; and lately to a nodal agency guiding the efforts of individuals to achieve synergistic cohesion of efforts and results. The organization seeks to impart development opportunities to underprivileged community across India to enable them to take their rightful place in the world.

Bhavishya’s evolution has been propelled by the awareness that society do not grow independently or in isolation. Holistic care for community is possible only if the environment is nurtured and made capable of meeting the needs. Hence, over the years Bhavishya’s beneficiaries have extended to include children, children’s parents and communities also. Its focus has covered education, health, handicrafts, sanitation, livelihood and awareness on various issues. Further, the spread of HIV/AIDS, needs of the increasing adolescent population, elderly citizens and the disabled, leprosy eradication, women’s empowerment and other relevant issues have directed Bhavishya’s efforts.

Bhavishya is committed to the comprehensive development of community and has adopted a holistic, participatory approach towards society’s well-being. It helps and guides children, their families and communities towards development, empowerment and self reliance. Bhavishya empowers women and communities to take informed decision and enabling them to access their basic rights. Its programs for children and their communities include, Early Childhood Care and Development, Reproductive and Child Health, Income Generation Program, Child Rights and Advocacy, Environment Preservation, Consumer Protection, Community Development Programs focusing on Habitat and Sanitation, Creative Skills and Vocational Programs for youth especially girls, HIV/AIDS awareness program etc. Bhavishya also works for the ageing population and strives to ensure for them healthy, productive and participatory ageing.

All Bhavishya programs are built around the principle of participation and sustainability.

Participation is encouraged and accepted at all stages of program planning, development, implementation and evaluation, thereby, paving the way for community ownership of the programs. Using a cross sectoral approach targeted at multi level stakeholders, communities build networks within and outside, and form linkages with other organizations and government bodies to successfully sustain development.

Bhavishya networking with governmental and non governmental, national and international organizations to bring about an increased pace of development and a better understanding of the development processes. Bhavishya’s funds are generated through sponsorship programs, governmental agencies, foundations, other non governmental organizations, corporate houses, individuals and internal sources.

Bhavishya is governed by a governing council of eminent personalities from various fields such as social development, health, administration, education etc.


Bhavishya is a premier organization committed to the community development. Bhavishya also believes in networking, strengthening alliances and building partnerships with national and international organizations with mutually compatible objectives so as to accomplish its mission.
Bhavishya Legal Status
  • Registered under West Bengal Societies Registration Act-1961 bearing number-S/IL/12081 dated – 9thOctober’2002.
  • Registered under Section 12A of Income Tax Act 1961. The registration number is DIT (E)/S-73/8E/8/03-04 dated – 24th September’2003.
  • Registered under u/s.80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 bearing regn. no. DIT(E)/708/8E/8/2003-04 dated 24thSeptember’2003.
  • Registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act –1976 bearing registration number 147110819.